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To meet the growing workforce demand of the various Multimedia and Entertainment industry segments, the California Community Colleges have established a network of regional Centers focused on encouraging economic growth in the state. In Orange County , the Multimedia and Entertainment Initiative is comprised of three community colleges and the North Orange County School of Continuing Education:

  • Cypress College
  • Fullerton College
  • Irvine Valley College
  • North Orange County Community College District - School of Continuing Education/Training and Development Institute

The Centers, situated in key geographic regions around the state, respond to critical industry needs with a variety of comprehensive services. The OCDMC provides:

  • Development and delivery of Multimedia and Entertainment instructional programs that directly address regional industry need
  • Skills development modules to enhance employee expertise in the use of industry standard software applications, including:
    • Graphics
    • Image Manipulation
    • Animation
    • Video Audio Editing
    • Interactive Title Authoring
    • Web Site Development
  • Coordination of regional community colleges to deliver Multimedia and Entertainment instruction using the most efficient/least duplicative methods;
  • Collaboration with various regional Multimedia and Entertainment training resources;
  • Performance Based Training for businesses, including assessment, consultation training, implementation, and impact measurement.

Industry partners and advisory panel participants have consistently identified general attributes and skills as required of the most successful employees in various Multimedia and Entertainment industry segments.

Multimedia and Entertainment Industry requires:

  • A background in one or more of the fine arts
  • Effective communication skills, both verbal and written
  • The ability to work successfully in a team environment
  • Creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • The skills to organize time and resources wisely
  • The ability to access information and a commitment to life long learning;
  • Computer literacy and proficiency in the use of common business software applications
  • Significantly developed multimedia software skills
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the use of one or more applications programming languages
  • A portfolio demonstrating fine art expertise and multimedia production experience

In California, one of the fastest growing business sectors is the emerging Multimedia and Entertainment Industry. Businesses included in this sector produce and support Internet and Intranet web sites, design interactive digital education and training titles, develop themed sites for marketing or amusement activities, produce interactive digital game and educational software, generate feature film animations and special effects, prepare two and three-dimensional graphics, produce digital video titles, compose digital music soundtracks, or develop software tools to support the above mentioned activities.

The terms “Multimedia” is generally used interchangeably referring to the combination of digital photo, graphic, video, sound and animation components in interactive presentations that inform, teach or entertain. Entertainment industry segments that involve feature film animation and computer-aided special effects are closely linked to Multimedia industry functions.


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