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A unique new program that begun in February 2005 at the NOCCCD – SCE/Training and Development Institute's Orange County Digital Media Center (ocDMC), provides Orange County 's workforce with skills in digital media, as well as actual work experience developing websites for community based businesses. “ The Agency” was created as a an effort to promote careers in digital media and support a group of talented and skilled students who have successfully completed ocDMC's website design certificate program.


Students benefit tremendously from this program which provides an opportunity to work on real projects, interface with a professional client setting relative to website design and provides an opportunity to develop a portfolio. In addition, students receive a certificate of achievement upon completion of each project.


There are five students involved in The Agency with oversight and direction provided by two ocDMC instructors. The instructors provide support and leadership to the students as they work through the website design process from the initial stages to the completion of the project.


One of the first projects attained by The Agency was for the Anaheim Police Department. In January 2005, the ocDMC was contacted by the Anaheim Police Department. Their current website lacked a recruitment section and they needed assistance in developing a technologically advanced recruitment page that would attract young people and seasoned police officers nationwide. The Agency developed a website that achieved the Anaheim Police Department's goals while providing valid work experience for the students involved in The Agency.


Other projects The Agency has developed are:

  • Website and database development for the Anaheim Workforce Investment Board


The Agency hopes to continue providing services to the community and providing necessary and important skills to Orange County 's workforce.


For additional information about The Agency contact:


Christie Campbell, Director

Orange County Digital Media Center
(714) 808-4617



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